Building Learning Power involves developing the behaviours a child or young person will need to face challenge calmly, confidently and creatively and as a result, give them the life skills that they need for their journey through school and into the real world. The way that we teach these behaviours to the children is through the 5Rs:

  • Resilience 
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflectiveness
  • Reciprocity
  • Respect (runs throughout the above).  
We call these behaviours our learning muscles and explain to the children that they need to be exercised in order to get learning fit.  Each muscle is broken down into a set of associated behaviours that we teach explicitly through our normal timetable and curriculum. 
The table below summarises the 5 Rs.  Follow the links in the Associated Behaviours column to find out more about each of the behaviours
Learning Muscle Associated Behaviours Associated Character
This is the emotional aspect of learning, being able to persist when things get difficult, manage distractions, notice details and patterns and become absorbed in the task you are doing.
Absorption, perseverance, noticing and managing distractions

Tortoise Image of a tortoise

This is the cognitive aspect of learning.  It is all about being ready, willing and able to learn in different ways using internal and external resources effectively.  It is about calling on different ways of learning as appropriate.
Questioning, imagining, making links, reasoning and capitalising.

Bee Image of a bee

This is the strategic aspect of learning.  It involves thinking, taking stock and drawing on previous experience as a learner and planning what do.  It is about knowing how to get the best out of yourself. 
Planning, revising, distilling, Meta learning (thinking and talking about learning).  

OwlImage of an owl

This is the social aspect of learning.  It is all about knowing when to learn alone or with other people.  It is about developing independent judgement, skills of communication and empathy.  
Interdependence, imitation, collaboration, empathy and listening.   AntImage of an ant
This runs through everything we do.  It is about respecting yourself, each other and the environment.  It is about having good manners and following rules.